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5 Reasons Why You Should Do Martial Arts?

5 Reasons Why You Should Do Martial Arts?
Sports form an integral part of life. Across the globe, people across all races engage in some kind of sport. Unfortunately, anytime sports come to the forefront of discussion boards, many adults only think of soccer, baseball, basketball, football, hockey or athletics.
Adults are not the only guilty party here, children are too, as many of them tell their parents to enroll them into the aforementioned sports’ academies where they feel they could experience growth at the expense of another sport which can help them exercise, stay healthy and also contribute to their spiritual development.
Our bodies encompass systems which go through a lot of changes as a result of the lifestyles we put up during the course of our lives. These lifestyles lead to many preventable disease-causing deaths such as Heart Disease which stems out of Obesity and a lack of physical activity. But do not worry; it is better late than never so there is time for you to exercise physically and mentally to be able to overcome such health burdens as you age through life. Just to show you what we mean, we have compiled reasons why you should take up martial arts to help you stay fit and healthy.          
Martial Arts – A Great Way to Improve Physical Growth
Martial Arts as a discipline provide extensive benefits to individuals who practice it. Many forms of martial arts have its roots in the physical preparation which was used by monks to defend their monasteries from bandits and marauders. Aside this, the discipline aids students mentally by putting them in a state of mindfulness. You would improve physically and mentally if you take martial arts because,
1. You Develop Balance and Flexibility through Martial Arts.
Any individual above 5 and anyone below 95 can benefit extensively from martial arts whether ju-jitsu, taekwondo, judo or kickboxing among others. The National Health Service (NHS) has reported that “accident-related hospital admissions in England are directly linked to falling injuries.” Martial arts prevent injuries which arise from trips, stumbles, falls and slips which stems out of the balance and flexibility it gives its students.
2. Weight Control
This is one of the ranges of benefits the discipline provides to its students. The skill routines you would be subjected to provide an outlet which burn calories. These benefits extend to your personal exercise routine after the martial arts class comes to an end. The physical activities performed also lower your blood sugar which prevents diabetes and improves your metabolism. 
3. Stamina and Endurance
You may feel tired less than one hundred meters into your jogging exercise but martial arts enables the movement of your muscle tissues and this puts your cardiovascular system in a position where it functions without tiring. You would have extra energy at home, school and at the workplace.
Martial Arts – A Great Way to Improve Mental Growth
1. Improve Mental Function
Thinking of aging? Martial arts can reverse the aging process by discouraging the decline of brain cells and encouraging growth. There is more energy for the brain and the body as a result of the improvement in metabolism which make you less susceptible to a declining mental state which is made possible by the martial arts. Additionally, it makes you more productive at school or work.
2. Boost Moods                    
Endorphins are released in the brain through the physical activities you perform. Endorphins are hormones that reduce physical discomfort, stress and boost your mood.
You can patronize other sports but the health benefits (physically and mentally) that martial arts provides is unparalleled. We offer a low cost service with regards to our classes and the scheduling fits into the personal plans of all manner of persons.

Thursday, 5 December 2019

Hydroxycut Vs Lipozene Which Is Better?

The sports and entertainment industry has made slim or skinny the new norm. People who are in the normal range of weight (BMI 18.5 to 25) may still feel they are a few pounds or as they say it in the United Kingdom, a few stones away from becoming overweight. Because of this, weight watchers do everything in their capacity to find the very best weight loss medication that would help them stay in shape and more importantly comes fewer side effects. I researched extensively about two dietary supplements which help with the maintenance and loss of weight and they are Hydroxycut and Lipozene. If you have used one or the other or both, which is better? If you have not used any of these supplements before, read on and get to know what the two (2) entails.

What are Hydroxycut and Lipozene?

Hydroxycut is a dietary supplementary with a primary purpose of assisting people with the loss of weight. Green Coffee bean extract is the primary ingredient in Hydroxycut. The active ingredients include Caffeine, Lady’s mantle extract, Wild olive extract, Wild mint extract, Komijn extract, Calcium and Vitamin C. It is manufactured by Iovato Health Sciences. Lipozene assists people with reducing their edge for food and in this case suppresses a person’s appetite. It is made from Glucomannan which is gotten from the Konjac Root. There are several studies which cites the active ingredient Glucomannan as helping maintain healthy body cholesterol, alleviating constipation and supporting blood sugar levels. Its sales are backed by the Obesity Research Institute LLC.

What are the side effects Hydroxycut and Lipozene poses?

The two (2) dietary supplements like every medication thrown into the market come with its effects. Hydroxycut comes with minimal side effects and once you take it you can feel an increase in your heart rate, you experience stomach upsets, nausea and headaches. Lipozene may cause you to experience gastrointestinal disturbance and among others associated with these disturbances are watery stool, discomfort in the abdomen, constipation, stomach upsets (gas) and bloating. Experiencing these effects should not cause you to worry, it’s only a temporary development and would disappear as your body gets used to the intake of such medication.   

Do Hydroxycut and Lipozene work?

Iovato Health Sciences (manufacturers of Hydroxycut) has made several statements which claims more than a million consumers of the product have lost considerable weight by using the product. This means that there is a great chance you are going to lose weight if you try the product. Studies done by Gastroenterology Research and Practice keenly reported minimal effect of the impact of green coffee bean extracts although it may help with the promotion of weight loss. With that said you can use it and still see qualitative results. Lipozene does not result in weight loss one hundred percent of the time, you should still give it a try because you may or may not experience any side effects. 
How safe are Hydroxycut and Lipozene?
Hydroxycut and Lipozene are safe to use. With Hydroxycut, Iovato Health Sciences who are manufacturers has claimed wholeheartedly that the raw ingredient is subjected to extensive quality assurance procedures which make it safe. The active ingredients in Lipozene are not harmful to the body. Both medications should in no way be taken by consumers below the age of 18.
Overall View
These dietary supplements are essential to helping you with your weight loss demands. But remember that increment in weight cannot always be sparked by a direct demand for food. You should do everything in your capacity to solve all deep rooted unresolved internalizing problems that may be holding you to food as a coping mechanism. After you feel you have addressed all your stressors and you are still gaining weight, then you can take these supplements to help you. Overall, Lipozene and Hydroxycut have been tried and tested and they are safe, effective and achieve efficient results.

Monday, 11 November 2019

Yuna Qian: The Sound Engineer Who Has Taken Music and Film Industry By Storm

As fans and lovers of music and film, we are just concerned with the final outcome of the music we listen to and films we watch.
We celebrate the people on the screen and give them the entire needed accolade forgetting about the other men and women that make the crux of the wow moment we experience in music and film.
These people's post-production activities bring out the quality we listen to and see and one of the talents coming up into the production of music and film is Yuna Qian.
 Yuna Qian has gradually graduated from being a student, an intern to warming her way up to become an A-LIST Sound Engineer for the music and film studios.
She is combining the flexibility in femininity with art and she is adding a subtle splash to all the projects that she happened to be a part off.
Yuna's passion for music is none like any other after studying classical piano at the age of 6. Her inspiration, quest and persistence to succeed in a world where men dominate everything in the entertainment industry is unheralded.
Yuna has gained hands-on experience working as an intern for production studios such as Private Island Audio, Sound City Studios, Fairfox Recordings and Remote Control Production Studios all in the state of California.
Yuna Qian the Best Emerging Sound Engineer in the Entertainment Industry
Most people are just on the job for the big paycheck and look out for the door. Yuna thrives on the principle of Doing More Than Paid For and this has made 2016 Yuna's year to remember as she has been credited in two films and she has an eye for more.
If you have not seen the feature film of Director Dallas King, then I humbly recommend the Horror Film U.Z.L.A. She played two roles as foley artist and a sound engineer and the success of the film has led her to becoming an integral part of the team that churned out the documentary film Behind Karate Kill which is also credited for.
Moviegoers who've watched the two films might be tempted to think that she has been in the industry for a long time and therefore a seasoned sound engineer but she relocated from Beijing to Los Angeles a little over a year ago.
So many male sound engineers have seen the post-production of thousands of films and as a woman with so much passion for sound engineering Yuna is an extension of and a variation upon the same sound editing obsession that has led to the ingenuity of this craft on music and in film. It is no fluke to have seen her make numerous strides in just a few years gaining the chance to work under Hans Zimmer of Remote Control Productions an Academy Award Winner and being recommended to Sacred Tiger Music to oversee the editing of sounds for their seasoned and up-and-coming artists.
With many music and films involving a huge influence of women becoming disasters and box office bombs, Yuna as a woman is holding the torch of emerging women who want to break into the production of music and film in the entertainment industry.
With such an amazing talent with all the necessary theoretical skills and practical experience, any director who adds Yuna to his or her post-production team has added success to the whole project because she is the best female sound editor by far in the sound engineering business.

Monday, 28 October 2019

What Would I Do If I Had $50,000?

I would donate a practical book titled WHAT UPPER PRIMARY PUPILS SHOULD KNOW to pupils and even students in the various schools around my community.
I would like to introduce the book What Upper Primary Pupils Should Know to you. It is a book I self-published and as someone who uses writing as my primary source of income, I decided to sell but I encountered certain blocks. I realized that even if I decide to sell the book it is not every child who would be able to purchase which is no fault of theirs. The fault comes from parents or guardians who do not see the need to improve and maintain the foundation of their wards personal and professional lives.
There are many books on the market for children which are primarily centered on academia. This book is a bit different because it combines academia with self-help and personal development themes that serves as a guide to the lives of pupils as they make a transition from pupils to students and adults later in life.
I am Raphael and I am a motivational author.
In Ghana and the African continent at large, most parents and guardians take the early stages of children’s life for granted and as a result many children do not pick up the necessary skills for life when they make a transition from being a child, teenager, early adult and then, adults. There are many people who call themselves adults but struggle to meet the day-to-day expectations of life because they were not taught equally important life skills aside academia so when the academic life ended, they have been left with nothing which can propel them to success. Simply put, such adults are a great part of the existing population (disappointed people) while getting an earlier guide like this book I am proposing which would be donated would have seen them become a part of the living population (fulfilled people).
The book comprises of 13 codes and they are summarized below;
Code One (1) – Do Not Put Off Homework Till Tomorrow.
There is a reason why head teachers consistently order teachers to give pupils homework. Aside homework occupying the time of pupils when they get home, it is also a preparation stage for heavier homework (termed assignments at the tertiary level and in the business world). Constantly postponing your homework till tomorrow like the way I used to do, you used to do and a lot of people likewise, leads to procrastination and never see children get anything done once they become adults. They should get homework done the day the teacher gives it to them NOT tomorrow.
Code Two (2) – Be a Concerned Person.
People who show genuine concern never lack the chance of recognizing opportunities in life. Concern is also the start of effective leadership. Pupils come from different backgrounds and as children; they are still forming opinions about life. Their orientations to life may be different as a result of religion, community and of course, standard of living. Pupils can support one another not with huge sums of money but with pencils, pens and exercise books, etc. Additionally, good pupils can show legitimate concern and help needy pupils improve their grades and make effective contributions to the class. By being genuinely concerned about others, children would have genuine concern in the problems of society and be the difference society needs.
Code Three (3) – Adopt the Power of Constant Reading.
Many pupils feel everyone goes to school and reads so they should do the same. Once school ends, a lot of people put an end to reading. Little do they know that the opportunities they crave for, the success stories needed as motivation, the numerous job opportunities that come with certain roles and responsibilities and extreme academic success as you know too well can only be possible through constant reading and research. Reading will always make pupils positive and espouse optimistic behaviours. Through the material, they would develop a passion for learning forever.
Code Four (4) – Take the Initiative.
Many adults you and I see on the streets which pupils see as well but have their own opinions why they are not making it stems out as a result of a lack of initiative. It’s been said in the book Wall and Piece by Bansky (Author and Street Vandal) that “Many people do not take initiatives because no one told them to.” Fortunately, pupils would not have the problem of a lack of initiative because they will be told and showed ways to take the initiative in this book. They would get to know that sometimes the primary reason that differentiates the rich from the poor is initiative.
Code Five (5) – You Have Heard About Savings, Take It Seriously.
Job complains, unemployment discussions, poverty, high interest rates from banks for people wanting start-up capital among other issues would not be on any discussion table if pupils inculcate the savings habit into their systems at a tender age. It was through savings that I was able to self-publish this material (now I need help to circulate huge numbers around). Pupils and students must take savings seriously. There are people who have great ideas that can be transformed into great businesses but a lack of capital sees that idea never come to fruition. In the book, there is a savings table to help them visualize the amount of money they can make from a particular amount at a given period of time.
Code Six (6) – Manage Your Time Well.
There are several forms of management from human resource, project, money and sports but the single most important management pupils should know is time. Simply put, time is money and it would enable pupils to become independent, disciplined and assume more responsibilities as they grow up.
Code Seven (7) – Play and Chat But Do Not Let It Dominate Your Studies.
Almost every human being has got access to a phone and many Upper Primary Pupils are conversant with technology and this leads to playing casual games and other necessary things. Development of pupils also comes through games (or what is termed as e-learning) but it should not interfere with their personal timetable and studies in general.
Code Eight (8) – Have Lots of Interests.
Hundred or more pupils can be asked about the careers and jobs they want and a number of them would choose to become pharmacists, teachers, doctors, pilots and lawyers which should be encouraged. Nevertheless, they need to have lots of interests. I wanted to be a pharmacist but I ended up becoming a motivational author. Aside their primary goals and target, they have got to have other interests in life so that if one door closes, another door or window of opportunity through lots of interests opens for them. This would see them gainfully employed. They do not need to be like most adults who are old enough but do not know what to do with their lives.
Code Nine (9) – Stay in Your Age Group.
Certain lifestyles, whether good or bad are often initiated to pupils, students and even adults (who are supposed to be psychologically independent) by people who are older than them. Pupils should stay in their own age group and ride side by side with their peers for higher academic excellence. Most of the alcoholic drinking, petty gambling, un-called for romantic relationships and weed smoking among teenagers are often perpetrated by older people. This does not mean pupils should not befriend older people but they can do that on the stance of academic or life advice. Other decisions older people try to implement in the lives of pupils should be well-scrutinized by the pupils and final decisions should come from them. There are more examples in the material.
Code Ten (10) – Concentrate and Listen Attentively.
Pupils should grasp concepts being taught in class and improve on their grades because soon they would face an external examination where they would have to come out with flying colours, nothing more nothing less.
Code Eleven (11) – Create a Virtual Wall.
This helps children attain psychological independence. Many adults are on the wrong side of life and try to use demeaning remarks on children. Some adults use catchphrases such as Life Is Not a Race and Life Begins at 40 which may be true depending on the context of a discussion. With that said, there are many children who would thrive on those quotes negatively and suffer lifelong consequences in the future. Pupils should be strong in the mind and get through their academic life with an open-mind towards high grades, competition and career advancements.
Code Twelve (12) –Your Environment Is Your Reality.
A lot of children have seen some of their friends travel abroad and they have heard numerous stories about the economic hardships in their respective countries and in the long run the global economy. Some may travel but all of us would never be able to fit into a particular country or continent at a time. They can make it where they are. Many of us had that notion of traveling abroad and are nearing 30, 40 and 50 years and we are still in our respective countries. They should try and identify a market right here (their environment) and become successful as others have (reality).
Code Thirteen (13) – Learn How to Communicate Personally and Professionally.
Communication is the main tool we thrive on to initiate contacts, make acquaintances and friends and teach one another. Pupils should improve on their communication skills orally and through writing. This will help them thrive in every environment they find themselves. Additionally, they should pick up essential skills from childhood which would make them effective in their adult years.
Thanks so much for losing some vital time just to go through the summary of my book and proposal.
I am very much grateful.
I self-published the book but cannot keep up with the costs of production anymore. I want to sell the books but if I sell there are children who would not get some of the copy because their parents would not buy them one.
I know that through your concern, the materials would be duly circulated and children would progress in their thoughts and cause positive changes in their respective lives.

Author under the name Raphael Zuhnden

Contact: 233553645878

Wednesday, 17 July 2019

JOBS! How to Get Jobs through Concerned Letters

Many years ago, it was extremely difficult to find lucrative job opportunities. In this modern world, people are just clicks away from arriving at their desired jobs. Although there is this abundance of work, there are many who still struggle to put together valuable application letters that would notch them the desired positions and titles they deserve.

I have read countless articles on how to create a good resume and a great cover letter. All those articles add invaluable insight into the career prospects of a human being but it’s not enough.  These are conventional methods that have been accepted as the only way to help people get job or work but it is not the only way. Even Brian Tracy said in his GOALS! “You must be careful of things that have only a single solution.” If you follow all the rules, you miss all the fun.  

I recently came across a book titled HOW TO GET JOBS THROUGH CONCERNED LETTERS on KOBO and this book is a bit different from all the career books you can find online.

The book has got nine (9) chapters which are

How concerned are you? Think deep into yourself. It paints a clear picture of how a woman used the power of concern to see to the maximization of profit for a certain organization. It was done through a concerned cover letter.

Do you recognize the need to help other people? Do you think you have the power to recognize opportunity? When you read the book, you’d realize you have missed a lot of lucrative job opportunities and you would also find a lot now and in the future. In the book, a man stumbled on a piece of information about a company he sent an application to and he recognized the opportunity to send them a concerned letter to correct their errors and it notched him a job. Find out more, here

Volunteering is not necessarily interning but you can use time to benefit other people in a very great way. Many people volunteer their time to organizations and after taking such a humanitarian approach to be different, they submit applications letters which takes them back to being like everybody instead of being different. #BeDifferent.

In the book, you’d realize that donation is not money, there are other forms of donations you’ve never heard off that can be invaluable to your job search.

All the successful people in this world took up the initiative before others saw the need to and you can use the same thing to get jobs through #concerned #letters

This chapter basically delved into how to appreciate the response you’d be given from your prospective employers after the submission of the concerned letter and how to act on it since you are in a position of power of control.

The unofficial interview comes to those who wrote concerned letters instead of application letters. Cover Letter Applications puts you in a candidacy position whiles Concerned Letter Applications put you in front of the queue and the driving seat where you’d be able to control discussions and notch up the job title or position you want.

These are the steps and items to include in in your concerned cover letters so that prospective employers would respond to you. It has been tried and tested, it never fails.

These are practical examples of sample cover letters that you can study and revise for your future applications.


You have been waiting a day, week, month or even a year and I believe your future does not look bright.

Another interview! Judging by your own assessment, it seems the position would go to another person and NOT YOU.

No one understands your personal struggle the way you do. There is no single individual who can get into your mind and know what your thoughts are or how you feel. There is a good saying that TIMES CHANGES THINGS but a well-known author and scholar once said, THEY ALWAYS SAY TIME CHANGES THINGS BUT ACTUALLY, YOU HAVE TO CHANGE THEM YOURSELF.  

You have been trying the old ways of sending application letters which is perfectly fine but there is no harm in trying new things.

I would urge you to patronize the book HOW TO GET JOBS THROUGH CONCERNED LETTERS. It cost less than $5.

It comprises of invaluable information that would be extensively beneficial to the course of your life.

You can find the book on KOBO BOOKS