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JOBS! How to Get Jobs through Concerned Letters

Many years ago, it was extremely difficult to find lucrative job opportunities. In this modern world, people are just clicks away from arriving at their desired jobs. Although there is this abundance of work, there are many who still struggle to put together valuable application letters that would notch them the desired positions and titles they deserve.

I have read countless articles on how to create a good resume and a great cover letter. All those articles add invaluable insight into the career prospects of a human being but it’s not enough.  These are conventional methods that have been accepted as the only way to help people get job or work but it is not the only way. Even Brian Tracy said in his GOALS! “You must be careful of things that have only a single solution.” If you follow all the rules, you miss all the fun.  

I recently came across a book titled HOW TO GET JOBS THROUGH CONCERNED LETTERS on KOBO and this book is a bit different from all the career books you can find online.

The book has got nine (9) chapters which are

How concerned are you? Think deep into yourself. It paints a clear picture of how a woman used the power of concern to see to the maximization of profit for a certain organization. It was done through a concerned cover letter.

Do you recognize the need to help other people? Do you think you have the power to recognize opportunity? When you read the book, you’d realize you have missed a lot of lucrative job opportunities and you would also find a lot now and in the future. In the book, a man stumbled on a piece of information about a company he sent an application to and he recognized the opportunity to send them a concerned letter to correct their errors and it notched him a job. Find out more, here

Volunteering is not necessarily interning but you can use time to benefit other people in a very great way. Many people volunteer their time to organizations and after taking such a humanitarian approach to be different, they submit applications letters which takes them back to being like everybody instead of being different. #BeDifferent.

In the book, you’d realize that donation is not money, there are other forms of donations you’ve never heard off that can be invaluable to your job search.

All the successful people in this world took up the initiative before others saw the need to and you can use the same thing to get jobs through #concerned #letters

This chapter basically delved into how to appreciate the response you’d be given from your prospective employers after the submission of the concerned letter and how to act on it since you are in a position of power of control.

The unofficial interview comes to those who wrote concerned letters instead of application letters. Cover Letter Applications puts you in a candidacy position whiles Concerned Letter Applications put you in front of the queue and the driving seat where you’d be able to control discussions and notch up the job title or position you want.

These are the steps and items to include in in your concerned cover letters so that prospective employers would respond to you. It has been tried and tested, it never fails.

These are practical examples of sample cover letters that you can study and revise for your future applications.


You have been waiting a day, week, month or even a year and I believe your future does not look bright.

Another interview! Judging by your own assessment, it seems the position would go to another person and NOT YOU.

No one understands your personal struggle the way you do. There is no single individual who can get into your mind and know what your thoughts are or how you feel. There is a good saying that TIMES CHANGES THINGS but a well-known author and scholar once said, THEY ALWAYS SAY TIME CHANGES THINGS BUT ACTUALLY, YOU HAVE TO CHANGE THEM YOURSELF.  

You have been trying the old ways of sending application letters which is perfectly fine but there is no harm in trying new things.

I would urge you to patronize the book HOW TO GET JOBS THROUGH CONCERNED LETTERS. It cost less than $5.

It comprises of invaluable information that would be extensively beneficial to the course of your life.

You can find the book on KOBO BOOKS

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Fashion has taken over the world and reality television shows have gone from the angles of music and jokes and now we have PROJECT RUNWAY where designers presents their couture dresses for judges to inspect and make elimination.

Many women are existing instead of living because they are contemplating within their minds if they can be considered as petite women. According to Bellapetite, petite does not refer to the height but the stature of a woman as boldly defined as 5’5 inches tall and under, considering women are not predestined to have the heights of men. Now women reading this piece can consider themselves as petites and men reading this piece can see the sensual nature of their wives and the women they love and buy them something that is worth having. With parties, ceremonies and festivities all over the world, where do you buy party cocktail dresses for petite women? This is the difficult part of online business as online websites claim to sell online but to get good value for money, keep an eye opened. The place that has been tested and proves reliable in buying party cocktail dresses for petite women is JVsDRESS.

Choosing dresses are very difficult for women because of their impulse buying adventures. At JVsDRESS, many women would find a range of dresses with different sizes which is preserved for everywoman and women are beautiful so need a subtle splash to grace their appearance and occasion. JVsDRESS has different fabrics which comprises of Tulle, Lace, Satin, Organza, Chiffon, Elastic Stain and Elastic Woven Satin that gives petite women varieties to choose from. Every party or occasion goes with it some kind of dress code and also features color to make the occasion a uniform and distinct one. JVsDRESS has a range of colors of petite cocktail dresses for petite women to choose from in order to walk them to the path of dressing to suit the occasion. Colors adds up and reverberates the sensual nature in most women and if you need grape, red, purple, regency, royal blue, burgundy, pearl pink, silver, white, champagne, dark green, hunter green, navy and fuchsia amongst others all you have got is to visit JVsDRESS. Their prices are relatively low as compared to others and ranges from $50-$99, $100-$149.99 and $150 and above. They are going to get you the tea length cocktail dresses women you ever wanted.


Women dress to kill and others dress to seduce and attract so waist sizes is very important in women’s dressing as it shows the curves and serves as an enabler in ushering out the catwalk and helping them pose for pictures. They have various kinds of waist which comprises of dropped waist, empire waist and natural waist with either of these necklines bateau, V-Neck, Strapless, Sweetheart, Scoop, round, High Neck and Halter amongst other dresses.

It can be that you are a social outcast men do not recognize and your fellow women brand you as having no taste, just click on any of links and get tea length cocktail dresses petite for the party and get all the attention you need all from JVsDRESSES.


(Steve Keating)

Trying to earn money online is one of the most difficult areas if you are a newbie to the way the online platforms are navigated. If you are the experienced and tech-savvy type, then it can be one the easiest ways to make a living. Many people start businesses online and it collapses because they don’t have the expertise. There are individuals who do not have any money to start up online business, if you are one of them then continue reading because you are not alone. Many people have the same problem but you are going to be enlightened after finding out the ways through which you would be able to earn money, save the money and invest the money without the aid of individuals and corporate organizations who would want to control your finances.

Online writing has become the new form of journalism and is the biggest platform everybody shares their contents once a while through blogging, wordpress and other social media sites. To get started this is what you need, you must create an email with preferably your name which can be used in signing up on different platforms across the World Wide Web and the electronic mails are free.


There are so many jobs online. There are people who need to write a story for their loved one, bloggers need articles for their sites and online content businesses needs great contents to keep their websites running and the returns on their investments maximized through AdSense earnings. Most of these jobs range from article, common typing, proofreading, column, content, research, academic, data entry and virtual assistance jobs. These jobs cannot make you rich overnight but provides funds that can be saved in helping you invest in other business ventures. The first place to start is

UPWORK (formerly ODESK)

Register with a valid email address and other personal details so that you can login and start work. The first thing you should know that most often times are ignored by a whole lot of applicants is thinking they know it all. Don’t write the details of the cover letter you want to send directly into the given column. Read the job descriptions and draft a four to five paragraph cover letter given credence to why you should be employed to take up that particular job. Always try and send samples to similar articles you have at your disposal which relates to the job in question. After a successful interviewing and hiring process by a client, make sure you give abide by the requirements of the employer because it is a virtual job and send all relevant documents via the appropriate channels for him or her to confirm, validate and make payments. This is important as the feedback a client gives becomes a part of your profile and if feedback ratings are not great, you might not be considered for jobs by other employers. Payments are protected by the ESCROW Protection system, so you don’t have to worry especially about fixed price jobs.  A web design job can fetch between $1000 so ten (10) web development jobs can fetch you as much as $10,000 if you know your way around the roots of coding and decoding.

Working on one platform doesn’t prevent you from working on another platform. In the near future, people might need close to four jobs to survive.


Freelancer has various jobs and the jobs come in various forms from blog, data entry to proofreading, and web design amongst others. Submitting proposals at Freelancer is easy just like UPWORK. After you have been able to get yourself hired, do the same thing and provide the employer the best documents as possible. Some jobs pay as much as $1000-$2500. People who are creative enough and have mastered HTML, CSS and PHP can create websites for people and earn great incomes depending on the design and the budget of the employer. Great monies being received are saved on your profile and with feedbacks and recommendations people troop into your profile and offer lucrative contracts online.
In a world where many people are so lazy and rely on click, an individual who wants to earn, save and invest, must take advantage of lazy students who want help and earn close to $40 and $70 depending on the number of pages edited.


These websites offer academic help and editing for students with very high earnings. There are things that would never change and they are fluency and education. Write and edit and familiarize yourself with the citation styles of papers and you could be earning $1,000 per month.
Writing would never end and since people write and type all day long mistakes are bound to be made. Businesses, organizations, individuals, authors, bloggers and students are all writers who need something to be done to augment their papers. Most often times it needs a certain style in order to go in line with the requirements of managers, publishers and supervisors. This is where the editorial work comes up. Familiarizing yourself with Microsoft Office and especially Microsoft Word’s track changes and comments feature should get you going.


These are great platforms to get started.  Academic essays, thesis, dissertations, cover letters and resumes are available for editing as students want good grades and job seekers want fresh cover letters and resumes that speak about their true qualifications. You should be prepared for tests because you would be making a lot of money depending on your experience and expertise.


You have earned your worth. You don’t have any problem with lenders, creditors and banks. You have at your disposal your own money to carry on any business venture your heart sole desires. Remember, no amount of money in a business is small, they all add up into making a business what it is. There are so many ways you can invest your money online.


 You can go into e-commerce. The internet has become the new medium of communication. Sometimes you can be with your girlfriend, boyfriend, wife or husband but you must send them hello so that they can physically feel your presence. Businesses have been established and goods are being bought and sold every now and then. Take advantage of these websites that offer goods at relatively cheap prices.

ALIBABA – ALIBABA is one of the best ways you can invest your money online. They offer a great chance for individuals to conduct successful businesses online. It might come as a surprise to you the number of companies that sends out messages to you via mail and through their own ALIBABA Message Center wanting you to serve as a link between them and the ordinary man. At a point in time in the conversation process, one company’s sales agent went to the extent of calling my number and finding me on whatsapp messaging platform to negotiate about the interest in their product.

ALIEXPRESS – One of the branches of ALIBABA and they offer products that would make you wealthy depending on your ability to navigate the market and know what the consumer wants because everything is life is like a business, it all revolves around buying and selling.


Trading is one of the platforms you can invest and learn how markets, stocks and shares are displayed and how you should go about it. There are many trading platforms online but you should beware of illegitimate sites.

 Starting off with ZULURTRADE can help you learn the basics since they give you $1,000 of virtual money to try your hands and know how to navigate through their systems. Aside this there is also an online platform called BOSS CAPITAL. Boss Capital has an amazing customer service who guides you expertly on how to go about trading. They even go to the extent of calling you on phone to set up a platform where they introduce you to the whole system. One of the things that should entice you to invest is their money back guarantee for newbies and monies can be withdrawn. Periods of time are given to help you become conversant with the site.


Online content is sort after and it doesn’t matter where the news comes from, people just want to get their hands on new information and material within the shortest possible time. All you have got to do is get writers who are tech-savvy and can research about what the latest trends are on the web and provide mouth-watering content like the one you are navigating so that your website gets enough traffic to be considered for Google AdSense and earn you thousands of dollars.
Don’t always borrow money from people or banks to start up something. You can earn, save and invest all on your own so that you have absolute control over your finances. A great man once said giving can be a form of a trap. Stay worthy, stay rich and stay wise.

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Irish Setter Men's 2875 Vaprtrek Waterproof 17 Inch Snake Guard Boot

Irish Setter has always been the leading brand in the provision of hunting boots. Many people do not know that they have gone along the length and breadth of the hunting boot world. Many people have the will to do the hunt or the hike but they are afraid of being pierced by wild animals. Snakes are undoubtedly the most feared animals in the world, surprising though as they do not have the legs to chase people. Few people love these animals and because of them some people do not want to engage in activities that lands them with a fierce engagement with them. Irish Setter with their Irish Setter Men's 2875 Vaprtrek Waterproof 17 Inch Snake Guard Boot is the best boot around that can guide you against snakes because of the following features.

It Has Snake Guard to Protect You
Sometimes being in the forest on a hunt you might hear something slithering and this makes you kind of nervous. The snake guard provides absolute protection from piercing fangs. Any moves by snakes and any strikes that they would try to make in order to get into contact with you would not be possible because of the guard which shields your leg.

Built on Some of the Finest Technologies Available Making It Lighter
The technology used is called RPM technology. It provides what is regarded as a breakthrough sole composite material that helps lessens the weight of the boot. Any hunter wants to be fast because in the forest you are looking for meat or game but you can also fall prey yourself. This helps you to be able to maneuver through the woods quickly and be able to carry on with your hunting throughout the course of the day.

Waterproof and Has an Ultra Dry Feature
Every hunting boot has this feature and the Irish Setter Men's 2875 Vaprtrek Waterproof 17 Inch Snake Guard Boots is no different. It doesn’t create room for errors and therefore no drop of water is allowed to enter the boot to ensure that there is comfort and enough mobility to the wearer. The Ultra Dry also makes use of what is called a moisture management lining which has enough waterproof components that also provides long lasting comfort and performance with regards to the hiking and hunting abilities.

Scent Ban Prevents Odor
Every field boot is destined to be filled with unusual smells because of the kind of distance it covers. Irish Setter Men's 2875 Vaprtrek Waterproof 17 Inch Snake Guard Boots have been created with a scent ban lining so that it prevents bacteria and odor causing organisms from getting the chance to the boots. This helps makes the boots look more attractive so that it would be maintained from time to time ensuring durability and efficiency.

It is made with imported synthetic rubber sole. This gives much strength using the traditional materials and ensures that it can be passed on from one generation to the other.
At a price of $189.98 to $214.95 you would be able to lay your hands on Irish Setter Men's 2875 Vaprtrek Waterproof 17 Inch Snake Guard Boot and feel confident in your hunting exploitations.